Leonore-2017-02 Staff


Here at Leonore we like to keep everything as fresh and homemade as possible from baking our own bread to making our salad dressings. With a friendly staff and a homemade meal, you wouldn’t want to take your family anywhere else!

Leonore Restaurant is a family owned business with a strong sense of community.

We are now proud to offer the good deed program. Our family simply wants to thank the community for their support by giving back to the needs that are important to our customers. The good deed program offers 10% of the proceeds received from our valuable customers on a designated day and time that will be given to the selected cause for that day. Our customers are not asked to pay any extra for this meaningful contribution, they just simply come in and mention they are supporting the cause of the day. 

For more information or to have your cause considered for the good deed program Visit us at www.leonorerestaurant.com/contactEmail us contact@leonorerestaurant.com Or give us a Call 540-904-5559